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The greatest achievement is the customers' recognition of our products, adherence to the brand GALANTEYA.

It was preceded by the great work in the following directions:
  • improvement of the design and functionality of products, learning world fashion trends
  • 2002 — Quality Management System ISO 9001 version 2001
  • permanent quality improvement (Quality Management System ISO 9001 version 2009), extensive experience in the manufacture of leather goods (more than 80 years)
  • service improvement at the points of sale (professional consultations, assistance in selection; training shop assistants).

The products of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Galanteya” have numerous prizes:
  • diplomas of Republic and international exhibitions
  • gratitude for the contribution to the industry development
  • certificates for high-quality products.

The Open Joint-Stock Company is a prizewinner of:
  • the Premium of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in quality in 2001, 2004, 2007
  • the Contest “Best goods of Belarus on the Russian market 2002”.

Since 1999 Open Joint-Stock Company “Galanteya” has been a constant winner of the national competition between the industrial associations and enterprises of the Concern “Bellegprom” for the title “The Best Enterprise of the Branch”.

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